Wednesday, 4 April 2012

College Interview from hell!

Eeeek i had my Beauchamp College interview last wednesday, the day couldn't of started any worse! My interview was at 11:00 and i woke up at 9:00, i thought 2 hours was enough time for me to get ready and be there on time apparently not -.- I got ready in like 15 minutes doesn't really take long for me to get ready so i did make up, hair and decided what i was wearing. I then made my self a cuppa and watched some tv till like 10 everything was going all smoothly until quarter past 10 which then of course i couldn't find anything! I was supposed to be out the house at the latest 20 past 10 but at 20 past 10 i was a headless chick looking for my progress folder and sketch book! When i did find those 2 important things it was just gone past half 10 and i was in the car and telling my mum to put her foot down 15 minutes from my house i realised i needed my phone things couldn't of got any worse i had to go back all the way to my house to get my phone and then make our way to the college which we had never been to before SCARY!! When i did get there after alot of arguing and stressing with my mum in the car i was 20 MINUTES LATE!!! And nearly in tears i kept telling my self there is no way im going to get accepted now and that was THEE college i really wanted to go but the interviewee was really understanding and nice and in the end after all that had happened i GOT IN!! WAHEEEY! I was so happy for the rest of the week and i learnt a lesson at the end of the day which was to be PREPARED!!
It was a really nice summery day so i thought id go for a summery but kind of casual look, do you think my look was appropriate for an interview?

Top: All Saints
Jeans: khaki skinny jeans from New Look
Shoes: Carvela boots

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